To get the best possible settlement for your work place or vehicle accident case, hiring the right personal injury lawyer is very important. The following are the top 5 tips for finding the right personal injury lawyer. Gather information about a couple of good law firms locally or otherwise. Find out about their history in handling cases similar to yours and the actual qualifications of their lawyers. Are they truly specialists or merely JD holders who have experience handling personal injury cases? Bear in mind that an attorney with personal injury law specialization is bound to know the loopholes and other aspects of personal injury law, which could be a key factor in winning your case.

Look for a Specialist…

In the US, anyone who has acquired a Juris Doctor or JD degree and managed to gain entry into the State Bar is allowed to practice law. Though technically such a person is a lawyer but his knowledge is limited to general law. A personal injury lawyer is someone who specialized in personal injury law, which has to do with child molestation, workplace injuries and road accident injuries. So it is very important that you not only look for a personal injury lawyer but also someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in handling your specific case, workplace mishap, road accident injury or any other case. Compared to hiring someone from out of state or far away from where you live, getting the services of a local lawyer might prove to be advantageous in a number of ways. You do not spend a great deal of money on long distance phone calls and long distance travel. Scheduling an appointment to see your lawyer will be easier without time difference, travel time and other kinds of restraints. A local lawyer might feel more accountable for you.

Finding out about the law firm’s reputation and other details prior to hiring will be easier too. To find the names and addresses of local personal injury lawyers, make good use of Google Maps. When it comes to hiring a lawyer from any part of the country, enter a phrase like best personal injury lawyer into the Google search box. The search engine will display pages of law websites.

Comfortable Feeling and Trust…

Call up the shortlisted law firms and make an appointment with each firm. Normally, the first meeting or legal consultation is free. Talk to the lawyer who will be put in charge to handle your case if you should choose the particular law firm. What do you feel? Are you comfortable talking to the person? Do you trust him or her? Feeling at ease with your lawyer is important so that you can communicate better with your lawyer and express yourself clearly about how you feel about the case and so on. Since the person will be privy to a lot of your personal information, trusting him or her is vital too.

Are Fees A Factor?

When it comes to legal fees, there are various options of payment. There is the hourly fee, lump sum payment, upfront payment of a specific percentage or contingency fees, which is favored by many personal injury law firms. For contingency fees, you do not pay anything unless the lawyer wins the case. The law firm will take a specific percentage from your settlement if it wins the case. Many law firms usually request for one third of the settlement. Some may also charge you for expenses like filing and photocopying fees. Discuss the settlement in detail prior to hiring any lawyer.